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Highstead works to inspire curiosity and build knowledge about plants and wooded landscapes in order to enhance life, preserve nature, and advance sound stewardship practices.

Conducting Research

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Highstead welcomes research by outside investigators that is compatible with our mission, existing research infrastructure, and the cultural and aesthetic characteristics of the property.  Inquiries about projects should be directed to Edward Faison, ecologist (efaison@highstead.net).

All research conducted at Highstead is subject to general standards and policies of scientific conduct, as well as Highstead's specific policies on non-discrimination, safety, ethics, and substance abuse.

Please note that all researchers must submit copies of data and relevant documents for long-term archiving at Highstead.

Research Facilities and Resources

  • Laboratory/Greenhouse: Counter space for clean and dirty lab work. 2 Microscopes: dissecting and herbarium
  • Field Sites: 55 acres of rocky oak forest, 40 acres of moist mixed hardwood forest, 10 acres of red maple swamp, 3 acres of pond habitat, and 45 acres of meadow
  • Herbarium
  • Presentation/Meeting Room: 70 seat capacity with projector and pull down screen
  • Office Space
  • Library


Researchers are generally responsible for their own funding; however, Highstead does support a limited number of senior research fellows to conduct innovative forest conservation research.


There is currently no housing on site.


Highstead can provide limited research support including a heavy pick-up truck, 2 small utility carts, and a small woods crew staff.

Meeting Facilities

A meeting space for visiting researchers is available; contact Jody Cologgi at jcologgi@highstead.net.

Research Project Application

If interested, please submit a formal proposal with Summary, Introduction, and Materials and Methods. Please discuss any potential site impacts.

Send proposal to:

Edward K. Faison, Ecologist, Highstead, efaison@highstead.net