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Highstead works to inspire curiosity and build knowledge about plants and wooded landscapes in order to enhance life, preserve nature, and advance sound stewardship practices.

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oak forest

blue dasher dragonfly


Since 1997, local volunteers have monitored bird populations in Highstead's meadows and since 2005 in Highstead’s woodlands. Bobolinks have been a focal species in the meadow surveys.

Black bears and other mammals

Highstead collaborates with the Redding Conservation Commission and several other land trusts and ecological research groups on a study to document black bear activity in suburban landscapes of the Hudson to Housatonic region.

The study led by Mianus River Gorge utilizes remote cameras to detect the frequency, location, and movement of bears. Information will be used to identify and increase support for protection of natural corridors used by these animals.

In addition to bears the remote cameras detect a host of other species such as coyotes, bobcats, fox, raccoons, deer, and others.


Since 2013, a local volunteer has conducted dragonfly surveys at the Highstead pond each June and August. Click here for a species list from 2017.