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Highstead works to inspire curiosity and build knowledge about plants and wooded landscapes in order to enhance life, preserve nature, and advance sound stewardship practices.

Geordie Elkins, Operations Director

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After a 12-year absence, Geordie rejoined the Highstead staff first as Operations Manager and now Operations Director. After graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology, Geordie pursued his love of the natural landscape with a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from Temple University. For five years, Geordie worked at Highstead as a staff Horticulturist.  More recently, Geordie managed propagation and assisted in managing container plant production at Planters’ Choice, a wholesale nursery with production farms in Watertown and Newtown, CT.  He returns to Highstead to manage its unique property and work with the horticulture and landscaping staff to exemplify the Wildlands and Woodland vision of ecology and conservation.  Geordie is an avid skier, hiker and geo-mapper. He  lives with his wife and four children in Newtown.

Geordie can be reached at gelkins@highstead.net.