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Highstead works to inspire curiosity and build knowledge about plants and wooded landscapes in order to enhance life, preserve nature, and advance sound stewardship practices.

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Exhibition Space in Highstead Barn

Exhibition Space in Highstead Barn

art exhibit postcard

photo by Birgit Freybe Bateman

Guild of Natural Science Illustrators - Greater New York Chapter

2017 - The Flora and Fauna of Highstead

2016 - Life Along the Shore

2015 - Microcosm: Finding patterns in tiny worlds

2014 - Echoes: An Homage to Plants and Animals in Art

2013 - Nature's Camouflage

2012 - Habitats: Flora & Fauna in Natural Settings

2011 - Nature’s Remedies: Plants and Animals

2010 - Songbirds of the Eastern United States

2009 - Birds of Prey of the Eastern United States

2008 - Amphibians of the Eastern United States

2007 - Butterflies, Moths and Pollinating Insects of the East Coast

2006 - Ferns, Lichens, and Fungi of New England

2005 - Invasive Plant and Native Alternatives

2004 - Native Wildflowers of the Northeast

2003 - Plants of the Wetlands

2002 - Shrubs in bud, Flower and Fruit

2001 - Plants and Their Fruits

2000 - Plants Native to Connecticut

1999 - Beauty and Beast: Invasive Plants of Connecticut

1998 - Botanical Art Exhibit

Solo art exhibits

This is a representative selection of exhibits held at Highstead

  • Floodplain Forests - a photo exhibition by Claire Dacey (2008)
  • Bateman at Highstead - collected works by Robert Bateman (2006)
  • Close-Up! - botanical photographs by Dave Pressler (2006)
  • A Passion for Birds - paintings by Katie Lee (2005)
  • Highstead Portfolio - a photo exhibition by Birgit Freybe Bateman (2005)
  • A Brush With Destiny - paintings by Manabu Saito (2003)
  • A Brush with Biology - the artwork of Peter K. Nelson (2002)
  • Dr. Stephen K-M. Timm - botanical illustrations of a scientist (2001)
  • Sally Fine - the natural world as a source of strength, form, and color - recent works on paper, board and canvas (2000)
  • Redenta Soprano - a collection of botanical illustrations (1997)

Permanent exhibits

Freybe Bateman - These images comprise most of the permanent collection at Highstead. View more images at Birgit Freybe Bateman website.

Originally exhibited in the Highstead Barn in Spring 2005 - below is an excerpt from her catalogue of images.

"For more than a year I had the privilege of exploring the wonderful land that Mrs. Elisabeth Dudley is preserving and managing with tender loving care and much knowledge. Tripod and camera over one shoulder, binoculars around my neck and vest weighed down with various lenses and other paraphernalia, I climbed up hill, through forests, around the pond and over the meadows many, many times and in all seasons in search of unique images. The landscape constantly changed to offer me a great variety of textures, colour, patterns, compositions and moods. I felt like a hunter on a quest.....to capture that one exciting instant when all the elements come together into a memorable moment. There was plenty of time to experiment with techniques I tried to look beyond the obviously beautiful in search of the abundance of beauty in nature that is usually overlooked. I often favoured telephoto shots as high as 400mm, even though they might be of botanical subjects which could easily be approached with a 50mm. Other subjects lent themselves to the drama of the wide angle lens. The possibilities were endless and most exciting for me. For all these images I used my Canon EOS I and Fujichrome slide film."