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Highstead works to inspire curiosity and build knowledge about plants and wooded landscapes in order to enhance life, preserve nature, and advance sound stewardship practices.

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Highstead has expanded its original arboretum focus to work on conserving forested landscapes both locally and regionally while we still have this spectacular chance. The natural landscapes around Redding and across New England are under intense development pressure, and trends in forest fragmentation and development are not promising – today we are losing forests in Connecticut and each New England state after 150 years of regrowth following deforestation due to agricultural expansion and timber exploitation.

The good news is that towns, land trusts, agencies, landowners, and other committed individuals are banding together to increase the pace of conservation, and there are many ways to get involved and make a difference. Please join us! Together we can safeguard the natural world around us for both current and future generations.

Highstead events and membership: Highstead offers regular member events and guided tours that highlight ecological insights into the natural world and provide conservation strategies and inspiration. Highstead also encourages donations that allow our members to play a significant role in advancing specific conservation projects. Please see the membership page for further information on partnering with Highstead for conservation.

Local involvement: Highstead works with local landowners and organizations to help devise strategies to achieve permanent conservation protection on their lands through easements and other mechanisms. We have important information on conservation priorities, such as critical habitats, key habitat corridors, and ecosystems that will be particularly resilient in a time of climate change. And we can help land trusts establish monitoring plots to track long-term ecological change. Please call us for further information.

New England Regional Conservation Partnership (RCP) Network: Highstead leads a regional network of conservation collaboratives similar to the Fairfield Regional Conservation Partnership, above. Today, there are more than 30 such groups working across the region, and Highstead provides web resources and an annual RCP gathering for technical training, funding assistance, and peer exchange. Find out more about the RCP Network.

New England Forest Policy Group: Highstead works with more than 85 conservation and forestry groups to articulate the economic, ecologic, and cultural value of New England forests and educate our federal agencies and Congressional delegation on the critical need for sustained and increased federal conservation funding. Please join us! Visit our website here.

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