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The Barn Landscape

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Barn Landscape

  Patio View

Situated above a wildflower meadow and below an oak forest on the east slope of a bedrock hill, this one-acre landscape is centered on the Barn headquarters building.   

The plantings around the Barn are designed and managed naturalistically, providing visitors with ideas for creating aesthetically pleasing and deer resistant home landscapes.

Some of the naturalistic principles and practices we employ include:

1) Planting multiple layers of vegetation of different sizes and forms, and giving priority to species represented in the adjoining woodlands and meadow, to help blend the Barn into its natural surroundings and to ensure a local sense of place is maintained.

2) Using native alternatives to invasive exotics that provide equally desirable flowers, fruit, and fall color, in order to promote native biodiversity.

3 )  Utilizing a combination of deer resistant plants, sprays, and fencing that effectively reduce deer damage.