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The Native Tree & Shrub Collection

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Native Tree

The term native is loosely defined. It can describe an area as small as your backyard, or an area that encompasses an entire continent. A one hundred mile radius from Highstead is used to determine which plants we classify as native. Any plant, woody or herbaceous, that bears the native tag at Highstead can be found growing naturally within this radius, and was indigenous to this specified area in pre-colonial times.

The Native Tree and Shrub Collection is experienced as a self-guided tour. This walk, created so that visitors may familiarize themselves with the native flora and topography of Highstead, takes approximately an hour and a half. The collection is viewable year round, with each season providing different points of interest.

Individuals interested in visiting Highstead are welcome by appointment.

Click here to view The Native Tree and Shrub Walk brochure.