"Conservation in a Changing Climate"

Hudson to Housatonic (H2H) Workshop

December 11, 2014

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This workshop brought together Hudson to Housatonic (H2H) partners to identify the climate change impacts most relevant to project focal areas. Additionally, participants learned how to apply a ‘climate change filter’ to potential conservation practices to identify actions for private landowners, that will help ecosystems adapt to changing conditions and address regional conservation priorities.

The speakers included:

Bill Labich, Highstead Regional Conservationst, began the workshop with an overview of H2H, explaining the conservation initiative and how partners will gain the tools necessary to connect with landowners and protect important natural resources in the face of climate change. 

Chris Swanston, Director of the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science (NIACS), and is responsible for leading NIACS staff in the development of vulnerability assessments, adaptation strategy and planning documents, and other climate and carbon science delivery in support of natural resource planning, management, and decision-making.

Maria Janowiak, a climate change adaptation and carbon management scientist at the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science. By synthesizing and communicating scientific information related to forest ecosystems and climate change, she enables forest landowners, natural resource professionals, scientists, and others to make decisions about how to sustainably conserve and manage natural resources over the long term.

                                                                   H2H Overview                                                                                        Regional Climate Change Impacts



Concepts for Adapting Conservation Projects
and Actions In Light of Climate Change