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Forest Variation and Change in Redding

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flood plain forest


Geological forces, land use history, and deer browsing have combined to shape much of the forest variation across southwestern CT. These interwoven processes are complex, and thus understanding a forest parcel's composition, susceptibly to species invasion, and future trajectory poses a significant challenge for individual landowners and conservation organizations making management decisions.

We study the prehistorical, historical, and modern vegetation at Highstead and on properties across the town of Redding to provide information that is relevant to both large and small landowners. An understanding of past environments and environmental change enables us to better understand forest patterns and processes today and predict future changes.

Partnering Landowners:

We conduct our studies on a number of municipal, private, and state lands and are grateful to the following landowners for providing access to us:

  • Aquarion Water Company
  • Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection
  • Redding Land Trust
  • The Connecticut Yankee Council
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Town of Redding
  • Warrups Farm