Highstead works to inspire curiosity and build knowledge about plants and wooded landscapes in order to enhance life, preserve nature, and advance sound stewardship practices.

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Highstead Seeks Fall Conservation Interns - Applications due July 31!

Highstead is seeking 2 - 3 Conservation Interns for Fall 2018. Interns will work with our Senior Conservationists to implement research, outreach, and policy projects that advance conservation initiatives. The paid internship will run 12 weeks, from September 24 to December 14. Applications must be received by Tuesday, July 31.

We seek recent graduates of Bachelors or Masters level programs with a demonstrated interest and enthusiasm for the development and implementation of real-world land conservation strategies For more information about the internship, click here.


Open Position for Entrepreneurial Conservation Professional

Photo credit: Mark Hunt

Sebago Clean Waters is an innovative new initiative that seeks to accelerate the pace of forest conservation and water protection in the Sebago Lake region of Maine. With a new investment by the Healthy Watersheds Consortium Grant Program, Sebago Clean Waters seeks an accomplished, entrepreneurial conservation professional to advance the initiative, working with a strong, established partnership and a clear vision.

For more information, visit our website - https://www.sebagocleanwaters.org/news-and-events/.

Highstead Welcomes Summer Intern

We are pleased to introduce Amanda Hewes, Highstead’s ecology intern for summer 2018. Amanda will be working on promoting and expanding our Stewardship Science initiative, conducting research to explore the effects of emerald ash borer-related canopy decline on wildlife composition, and helping with an on-going black bear occupancy study.

Prior to joining Highstead, Amanda earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Connecticut.

Check out our Instagram page for a bobcat image taken by our trail camera in Saugatuck Falls, Redding!

    Amanda sets up a camera to monitor wildlife activity in Redding.    

Create Your Own Backyard Buffer System

A Riparian Buffer is a vegetated strip of land along waterways that protects water quality by naturally filtering pollutants and provides other environmental benefits to landowners and communities.

Highstead has created a Backyard Buffers Guide designed to help homeowners plant and maintain their own riparian systems. Click here for more information and to download the guide.