The Highstead resource library contains a range of material to help you learn more about Highstead’s work. From newsletters to research papers, you can dig deeper into conservation issues and topics.


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Conservation Perspectives

Research Publications

Adaptation and mitigation capacity of wildland forests in the Northeastern United States

Re-framing deer herbivory as a natural disturbance regime with ecological and socioeconomic outcomes in the eastern United States

Forest clearing to create early-successional habitats: questionable benefits, significant costs

New England’s Climate Imperative: Our Forests as a Natural Climate Solution

Backyard Climate Solutions

Nonnative vegetation dynamics in the understory of a fragmented temperate forest

Letter to the Editor: Deer Browsing

Intact Forests in the United States: Proforestation Mitigates Climate Change and Serves the Greatest Good

Multiple browsers structure tree recruitment in logged temperate forests

The consequences of four land-use scenarios for forest ecosystems and the services they provide

Ungulate browsers promote herbaceous layer diversity in logged temperate forests

Complex effects of ungulate browsers on tree recruitment and herbaceous layers in New England temperate forests

Large old tree declines at broad scales: a more complicated story

Cross-boundary cooperation: a mechanism for sustaining ecosystem services from private lands