Since 2004, Highstead has been dedicated to nurturing the next generation of conservation and ecologically-minded leaders through an internship program available to recent graduates of Bachelor’s or Master’s level programs. 

The program offers hands-on experience in a range of conservation, ecology, and stewardship fields, with close mentorship by members of Highstead’s senior staff.

Current openings

Highstead is accepting applications for one field ecology assistant in the spring/summer of 2024 to assist with a long-term study on the effects of moose and deer on forest structure and composition in central Massachusetts and northern Connecticut. Click here for details.

Meet a few of our past interns 

Here are quotes from past interns highlighting key experiences from this program: 

Marc Boudreaux (Conservation)

“As the communications and events intern, I experienced first-hand the foresight, teamwork, and planning that went into Highstead’s virtual conservation webinars and events. Watching the attendees engage in the talks and activities that I had a hand in organizing was the highlight of my internship.”

Isabel Holland (Conservation)

“I really can’t stress enough how transformative the Highstead internship was for me – in terms of my own marketability on the job market as well as in a greater sense of clarity regarding a career path and where my skills align best.”

Lucy Lee (Conservation)

“A highlight for me was getting to assist a land trust with a new map and new data. It was a very tangible and direct to help an organization that did not have staff with the time or experience to do what I did for them. It was also great to help strengthen relationships between Highstead and a local land trust.”

Danielle Weiss (Ecology)

“My internship experience at Highstead was such an amazing addition to my experience and it taught me so many skills that I could use for my current position…studying Fir trees and the balsam woolly adelgid.”

Nathalie Woolworth (Conservation)

“I appreciated my mentor’s willingness to put me in touch with people he knew in the field to answer questions, provide insights, etc. This led to some interesting conversations and gave me insight into specific organizations and jobs, which informed my career.”

Program details 

  • 12-week sessions in the spring, summer, and fall
  • $6,500 stipend