Winter 2021 Member Mailer

Description: Sunlight beams shining through a hemlock forest in White Memorial Conservation area in Litchfield, Connecticut.
Photo by Dan Hanscom

A Place We Call Home:
Description: The Highstead Barn nestled in fall foliage
Photo by Highstead

Ursus Americanus: The American Black Bear
Left: Bear Claw on beech tree
Photo by David Foster
Center: Bear den
Photo by Paul J. Fusco/CT DEEP – Wildlife

Right: A black bear stands on a rock with some flowers.
Photo by TRKeim

Tracking Forest Change
Left page:
Left: Danielle Weiss
Center: Satellite photo of Highstead
Photos by Highstead

Right page:
Far left top: Danielle Weiss measuring tree diameter
Photo by Highstead
Left top: Ancient red maple
Photo by Bill Gore
Top Right:
Photo by Highstead
Middle Right:
Photo by Highstead

2021 ALPINE Summer Institute: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, Blazing New Trails
Description: Benton MacKaye
Photo courtesy of The Wilderness Society

Oak Trees and Acorns and Bears, Oh My!
Description: Highstead Oak Trees and Oak ID participants
Photos by Highstead

End Notes: Four Interesting Facts about Bears

  1. Title: American Black Bear Ursus americanus
    Photo by Stephen J. Krasemann
  2. Title: Black Bear Ursus americanus
    Close up of a Black Bear female making direct eye contact in Riding Mountain National Park Manitoba Canada
    Photo by Chris Wallace
  3. Skunk cabbage
    Highstead photo
  4. Title: Black Bear (Ursus americanus) silhouetted in tree, E USA
    Contributor: Bill Lea / Dembinsky Photo Associates

Back Cover:
Title: The Highstead Barn nestled in fall foliage
Photo by Highstead