From collaborative efforts to increase pollinator populations to new partnerships and increased funding opportunities, New England conservationists made significant advancements in 2022. If you find yourself indoors burrowing like a barred owl, why not catch up with our readers’ favorite conservation stories of the year?

Habitats and Biodiversity

Beyond Butterflies: Habitat Restoration and the Rare Northern Metalmark
While invasive plants and increased development continue to threaten the existence of the rare and endangered Northern Metalmark butterfly (Calephis borealis), a collaborative effort is underway to restore the vulnerable and non-migratory butterfly’s specific habitat needs in Fairfield County. 

Endangered Monarch Make the Most of Milkweed
Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) make their summer home at Highstead, where their sole hostplant, native milkweed from the genus Asclepias grow in abundance.

Winter at Work on the Ecotype Seed Project
Highstead is one of several Ecotype Project partners who contribute their capacity and expertise to support the production and distribution of diverse, wild, and native plants, even in the deep New England winter.

People and Communities

Planting the Seeds of Change in an Overlooked New Haven Neighborhood
Learn more about CPEN and its mission to promote health, wellness, ecology, and entrepreneurship in the New Haven neighborhood of Newhallville.

A Q & A with Highstead’s Conservation Interns
Meet Highstead’s 2022 Fall Conservation Intern cohort and learn about their communications and events, policy, and GIS internship activities.

The Big Picture

Practical Solutions to Climate Change
Highstead’s onsite stewardship approach demonstrates sustainable ecological design and management methods for the New England landscape. Learn about the nature-based solutions, conservation methods, and habitat diversity enhancement strategies at Highstead that you can employ at home or in your community.

Taking a Closer Look at Forest Management
Highstead Senior Ecologist Ed Faison shares lessons about how different types of forest management can be used to protect forests for climate and biodiversity with the New Jersey Forest Task Force.

Tracking the Progress and Impact of Federal Climate Legislation
A compilation of articles from Highstead’s Conservation Finance Team on recent federal climate legislation that was most relevant to conservation in the New England region.

New Highstead Report Lays Out Five Ways to Increase the Climate Benefit of Forests
The recent Highstead report demonstrates how New England forests are a major climate solution, currently sequestering the equivalent of 14% of the region’s carbon emissions, and how forests can do more.

New Conservation Mapping Tool Helps Visualize Opportunities
A new interactive mapping tool from the Northeast Bird Habitat Conservation Initiative is designed to aid northeastern conservation practitioners and organizations, including regional conservation partnerships and land trusts, in advancing bird and bird habitat conservation.