Christine St Georges

After graduating with a B.A. in English Literature and an M.S. in Education, Christine taught English at the high school level for fourteen years. This plan changed, however, during the Covid pandemic when she opted to stay at home with her two school-age sons. Christine has always been drawn to the outdoors, spending her childhood looking under logs for snakes and salamanders, and exploring her uncle’s properties in New Hampshire. As a curious property owner, she began learning about and practicing invasive plant management. She found that she had a desire to share her knowledge with others. Christine leads invasive plant management events for her local land trust, assisted Highstead ecologist, Edward Faison, with stewardship science, and is currently a student in the Connecticut Forest and Parks Master Woodland Management program. 

When she is not hiking, cycling on a rail trail, reading a book, writing, baking sourdough bread, and cooking for her family, Christine loves to go outside and learn about the legacy of her property by observing the emerging native plant communities and the wildlife it attracts.