In conservation funding news this week, Build Back Better bill negotiations continue to bubble as we head into 2022. With the infrastructure bill passed, New England states are beginning to consider how to distribute the funding. 

Below are three articles that take a closer look at the ongoing negotiations, implementation plans, and emerging policy discussions. 

Delegated as the state’s lead on infrastructure funding, Connecticut’s Commissioner of Revenue Services Mark Boughton is considering s how to allocate infrastructure funding in Connecticut. Commissioner Boughton emphasizes a regional approach, signaling the need for collaboration within New England. – The Connecticut Examiner

Following a heated political debate at the end of 2021, Senator Joe Manchin has returned to the Build Back Better discussion. As his vote is key in passing the legislation, Manchin is voicing his demands from the bill, including a reduction in the Child Tax Credit. – Axios

Despite doubt that the Build Back Better bill will pass, the Senate is committed to getting a vote on the bill. The bill might have to undergo a significant amount of change to get the go-ahead from Senators Joe Manchin and Kristen Sinema, but hope remains that the legislation will be agreed upon in the coming months. – The Washington Post

Continuing Coverage of Infrastructure Legislation

Highstead has been following the developments in Washington closely and providing ongoing coverage of developments regarding the Bipartisan Infrastructure bill as well as Build Back Better.

Visit these articles for additional background: